Sunday, November 30, 2014

Goals, Hopes, Dreams, and Fears

Hi everyone this weeks theme on Blogger is " Goals, Hopes, Dreams, and Fears." So today I am going to talk to you a little about those specific topics.

Goals- I have been wanting to play the Harmanica for a while now and wanted to be known for it. Achievement to me is one of the big things in life. For my risk I want to be able to play the entire song. Some people may only be shooting for a third or half of their goal and that's ok too only I want to stretch myself as far as I can go. I also want to be able to remeber the song. I know that I can remember things like a poem or a book line or something like that. Only music is a little harder to remeber.

Hopes- My goals are really my hopes. From the moon and back.

Dreams- I can dream from Mars and back. But having a risk as a dream. Is incredible. Playing the harmanica is a privilege not a right. And I would love to be known for my playing skills. Most of my life I have always been the week link of the group. But spreading dreams with each other will get me there. Taking ideas from others and being informed.

Fears- I am worried that I will fall behind and come January I will not be ready. I will stop and not keep going forward.

Preparation Procces

This weeks theme on Blogger is your " Preparation Procces. " So today I am going to discuss how I was informed to play " Piano Man " on my harmanica. My story starts about a couple weeks ago when our " Setting your goals " risk sheet was handed out. I spent about 30 minutes and had an empty noggin. It was about time I started thinking a lot bit deeper. Unfortunately my father was in the room while I was dealing with my technical difficulty's. I needed someone to inform me a little. My father knew a lot about me and my characteristics. He knew what I would like and what I would not like. So my dad and I put a plan on the table. We decided FINALLY after well it seemed like forever that I would play an instrument that I did not know how to play yet. Before I know it I am sitting on my I pad, searching and searching for an instrument to play. I found some cool instruments such as the base, the flute, the saxophone, and the....... HARMANICA!! Right then I was inspired. Look at the patterns look at the depth why It's practically works of art! And just what I need to complete my risk. Only the hard part was knowing what song. Which would cost me more research. So, AGAIN reaserch and more research. Then found some interesting songs. Like twinkle twinkle little star and Mary had a little lam. But those are too EASY! Flipped to the next page and found it. And what's it you ask? The beauty. " Piano Man " Piano Man " "Piano Man "! Love at first sight.

Thx for joining me everyone more next week:))):))):::))):))):)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thank you for joining me

I have decided for my risk to play "Piano Man" on my harmonica by January 7, 2015. I am very intrigued but yet still nervous to take this unforgiving risk. Thanks for joining me on my stunning adventure.